Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls and Math

I just felt like posting pictures of the two math pages I did today. I made Cinnamon Rolls from scratch and that was a ton of fun! They're sooo good!!! I also finally got my birthday presents today and I love them (my birthday was may 16th). I had my hair cut today and I'm planning on avoiding that for as long as possible due to the now current length of my hair.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Back!/Uber Long Post

My family and I went on vacation to Madison WI and then my parents had a conference in Chicago IL (hence the no posting). It was fun and now I have a ton of pictures, I took over 200 but luckily I'm only going to post a few.....some....a lot. I knitted a bunch of toys in the car on the drive to Madison so I have pictures of my knitted toys. First I have Bob the 1st and Bob the 2nd doing their secret hand shake. I made Bob the 2nd for my friend in Madison, but she made Bob the 2nd a girl and re-named him Magenta. We we're still driving/in the car on my birthday so I have a picture of me in the hotel room on my 12th birthday, and what would pictures be without Leon so here he is (except it's a video)! We ate at "Waffle House" for breakfast on my birthday and they had tiny salt and pepper shakers he put on a little play with them. There are the remains of my birthday waffle and my knitted toilet paper! We ate at "Steak and Shake" for lunch which was cool 'cause I don't think I've ever seen one/eaten at one before. Leon and I got hats there so there are pictures of us wearing them. The next day Leon and I spent visiting friends we had to go the pet store with them (twice because the first store didn't have rat food), and I took some pictures of the parakeets.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I knitted my mom a shawl for Mother's Day. I'm happy that I was able to finish it today since I started it like 2 days before Mother's Day and the last time I knitted a shawl it took me 4 days although I did finish it around 6:30 PM today. Today was also the last performance of Composer's Spotlight I'm kinda sad it's over, by the way I sang God Help The Outcasts from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm working on my first pair of hand-knitted socks. They're going to be too big or at least the first one is =( so they're going to be my "Rainbow Slipper Boots". I just felt bad for not posting in quite a while so I felt like posting about my one slipper boot that I've worn almost all day today. Except for when I went to my first performance of Composer's Spotlight . So yeah....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Knitting Pattern for Baby Hat

Well I felt like posting a pattern I came up with for a baby hat so here it is.

This pattern should fit a 4-6 month baby head.

I used Size 11 US needles and about half a skein of Bernat Eye Lash yarn, color 35002.

CO 34 sts
Knit in Garter Stitch until 4 1/2" long.
K2tog across 1 row
Thread yarn thru yarn needle and sew thru the sts on the needle pull tightly and Whip Stitch the two sides together cut yarn and turn inside out.

Knitting Rox Your Sox (and more Crazy Leon)

More food knitting! I have found some WONDERFUL patterns, and I am starting on my Christmas presents early since it can take FOREVER to make them. I think they'll be more fun to make this year though. So...YAY! Thinking of what I have done over the past few days....the honest truth is all I can really think of is knitting OH and we mopped the floors today with our sox so you get your sox all wet and slide around where ever your cleaning but be VERY careful not to slip (like a slip and slide hehe). In order of how these picture are posted there is my first attempt at a cupcake (not very good), Leon's Spikes, Leon with Spikes, a Piece of Cake, another block but cooler, a Pop-Tart I made for Leon, a Oreo that I made for Leon, and my second attempt at a cupcake (and I changed the pattern for that one).