Saturday, November 29, 2008

Renaissance Festival

My mom and dad and brother and I went to the Renaissance Festival today. We ate lunch there so we tried to eat turkey legs my mom and dad like them but they were to hard to eat for me and my brother to enjoy them so we each had a soft pretzel (they were gooood!). We heard some music and we walked around and they have these big trampolines and attach these big bungee cords to you so you can jump really high and some people flip but of course I was to chicken to flip, my brother and I have done it every year we've gone but for some reason he didn't want to do it this year but I had fun!

Geocaching on Thanksgiving

My dad and I went geocaching on Thanksgiving which is like this really cool treasure hunt type thing. Online at people who have hidden things like ammo boxes or tubberware containers somewhere in a park or something like that can post the coordinates and then if you have a GPS you can go and find them, inside of the containers there are little things like Mcdonalds toys and stuff so you can trade something else like that. Also there are these things called Travel Bugs and there some sort of toy or keychain or whatever and they have a dog tag with a number you can use to track them on the website and a lot of them have some sort of "goal" like to go somewhere like we found one that had a "goal" to go to New Orleans and we were going there in a couple of weeks so we took it there. Anyway my dad and I must have walked like 2 or 3 miles in this park and we found two geocaches. I got a purple car from one of them and a baby rattle from an other one.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flashback Fever!

Sunday was my last performance of Flashback Fever TROUPE's 50's and 60's music show the kids in VIPS (I'm one of them) helped our director come up with the concept for it but he wrote a little bit of a script for it which made it so much better then if it was just random songs. It was my favorite show the only one that was anywhere near as good (in my opinion) was School House Rock Live Jr. I'm really sad that it's over and I got the last bow with these two sisters that are just amazing singers and actors and dancers so I guess I was sort of one of the 3 stars (for the girls at least). Well here's some pictures of my costumes and my pretty flowers. Act 1 switched between the girls having a slumber party and the boys on the street corner and act 2 was Shana's Sweet 16 costume party. Also this is my 100th post on my blog so that's kinda cool and forgive the blurry-ness these photos other then the one of my flowers the pictures were taken during the performance.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

School House Rock Live!

Like I said in my last post TROUPE went to a town about an hour and a half or two hours away to see a small college's production of "School House Rock Live!" (I was is school house rock live jr.! FUN!) because someone who used to be in TROUPE or is in TROUPE sometimes was one of the stars! It was totally awesome and fun and amazing I wish we could do the junior version of the play again. Anyway here's a picture of me by the poster for the play and me and the person we came to see in the show.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 Shows, 1 Lead Role, 2 CDs, 1 Set of Auditions and 1 Crazy Piggy Bank

I've been really busy with learning my lines for "Beth" in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", learning the Angel Choir songs for that show and working on auditions for "Flashback Fever" TROUPE's 50's and 60's music show that is performing next weekend. So even though I'm doing a bunch of stuff I just can't really figure out what to blog about, but I'll try right now. So in a couple of minutes I'm going to our 4th (I think) rehearsal for "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", yesterday I went to the first chance to audition for "Flashback Fever", and on Saturday and maybe on Sunday I'm going to audition again also on Saturday I'm going to go see "School House Rock Live!" with TROUPE a small college maybe 1 and a half or 2 hours away is performing the show right now. Oh yeah and I went to two engagements last week with TROUPE one for something called "First Fridays" downtown the first friday of every month they have live music and all sorts of cool stuff going on, and the second one was on Sunday for the Veterans Day Parade we all got cute little paper flowers at the end that apparently were hand made by veterans.
There is a piggy bank in the picture since I'm saving up to go to NYC with TROUPE in 2010.
Oh Yeah and my other CD was in my mom's car so it didn't get in the picture.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Someone who used to live in our town is starring in "Dr. Atomic" at the Metropolitan Opera and they were showing it at the Cinemark today so my mom and I went to see it. All the people in it had amazing voices and it was so cool to see someone from our town starring and she did an amazing job, but it was very slow moving and long and there wasn't really any melody to the music. I'm glad we went to see it but I don't think that it would be worth going to unless you know someone who is in it (or at least it wouldn't be worth it for me).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Hat

I finished a hat today it's just like my Colors of the Wind hat except it's different colors. Anyway since I finished it today I'm decided to call it my Election Day Hat. I went with my mom and dad to vote today so even though I'm too young to vote that's why I'm wearing a I Voted sticker I also got some new shirts for winter and I'm wearing one of them in this pic I LOVE the little hearts they're soo cute!

Dirty Dealings in Dixie (Socks)

I knitted a pair of socks for my director at TROUPE as a thank you for how he teaches me and the other kids at TROUPE so much about acting and singing. I ment to give them to him at the last Dirty Dealings in Dixie performance (My friend Anne knitted him a pillow as a thank you too) but I didn't have enough time to finish them but TROUPE had a lock-in on Halloween and I finished them the day before. I also found out the casting for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever last Sunday and I found out that I'm Beth (the star so I'm like superly happy!!)