Thursday, September 18, 2008


I got some yarn from Wal-Mart for my first attempt at a knitted sweater and some green yarn for some socks. I'm excited to try making a sweater right now I'm almost done with the back of it, hopefully it won't take me like a year or something crazy to make it. I also got my yarn I ordered on-line it's soooooooo pretty I'm scared to use it. (I actually all of the yarn Wal-Mart and internet yarn which by the way came from eat sleep knit quite a while ago I just haven't posted until now) I've invited some of my friends over for a Knitting Group on Saturday so I'm excited about that.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Weekend

I can't quite remember what day it was but this is the beautiful sunset we had a day or two before Ike hit. It is so amazing, my dad actually pulled over into the hospital parking lot (because we were near the hospital) just to take a picture of the sunset. On Saturday I went over to my friend Maggie's house and we spent most of the time making these mermaids. They're soooo pretty she had already made a lot so she had some techniques which made it tons easier for me to make mine. They took forever to bake so I drew their faces, put them on the body and added the hair at home. At church this morning we had a "water ceremony" aka people bring water from where they went over the summer or something like that and put it in a bowl. Anyway we did some AWESOME music about water (duh) and I got to sing a solo on one of the songs, "Down to the River to Pray". As I said my friend Anne had a party and she likes to knit too (but she can't knit socks and stuff like that hence why I made some for her) anyway she found some stuff that her grandmother had knit and some stuff that wasn't finished yet and showed it to me it was so cool!

Anne's Hurricane Ike Socks

My friend Anne asked me to make her some socks for her birthday in July, well she was in charge of the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser we did and she told me not to worry about making her some socks and just to make hats to sell for the fundraiser. So I did that but a couple days ago I ordered some pretty yarn to make socks out of off the Internet and I felt like trying to make socks again before I used my VERY pretty yarn, so I remembered how Anne wanted me to make her socks so I started to work on them. I knitted them during what we got of Hurricane Ike and the day before Ike hit our town, hence the name Anne's Hurricane Ike Socks. She had a party today to celebrate how she got out of school on Friday because of Hurricane Ike and I gave the socks to her today.

Yarn: Baby Bee Sweet Delight Twist
Color: Rainbow (and I forgot the number)
Needles: US 4 Double-Pointed-Needles
Gift Recipient: Anne

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fluff Half-Scarf

I made my matching scarf for my Fluff Beret except it's not really a scarf it was inspired by the Bainbridge pattern and by something a kids TV show character was wearing. So yay it's fluff x2. I also got to order yarn online today I'm superly excited!!! I can't wait! I'm going to make some socks out of the luffly yarn! YAY! Yarn: Red Heart Bright and Lofty
Color: Bikini (# 9945)
Needles: US 13

Cottony Goodness

Well here's the picture of the buttons my grandma sent me that belonged to my great grandmother and the tin that they came in. Today I used them for the first time I used one button for my knitting project. I also got some new shoes a few weeks ago since I ruined my old flats when I was in Illinois. They're shinyyyyy.....and in that truck is cotton! We were behind a cotton truck in traffic and I really wanted to steal some of it's fibery good-ness of course that would be wrong and not safe, but the main reason I didn't steal it is because it still had seed in it (jk), but seriously I want to learn to spin (yarn) it'd be cool-ness.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fluff Beret

I finished this beret last night. I probably can't wear it for a couple of months since it's so fluffy and warm but it's cute, isn't it? I'm thinking about making a matching scarf or cowl. Also thank you soo much Leon for taking these pictures for me!!!

Yarn: Red Heart Bright and Lofty
Color: Bikini (# 9945)
Needles: US 13

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Finger-Less Gloves

Well I finished my other pair of finger-less gloves today in church! This is the new baby swing and even though I don't like it I thought it might look cool with my new gloves since it's blue and my gloves are blue too. Sunday school started today well actually people call it RE (Religious Education) and we had a pool party which was superly fun!

Yarn: Yarn Bee, Icelandic Jewels
Color: Sapphire (# 18)
Needles: US 10
Location: My Church Playground

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finger-Less Gloves

Well I knitted some finger-less gloves, and I used no pattern I just made something up in my head since we were at a restaurant where my parents were talking about some psychology article with some of their friends. So I had brought a knitting project (that shall remain secret until further notice) and I finished it and I had no pattern and one skein of yarn so I thought I'd try to make myself some finger-less gloves. Well I LOVE them and I've worn them all day and most of last night so now I'm working on some new ones.

Yarn: "Bernat Softee Chunky"
Color: Berry Red (# 39705)
Needles: US 10
P.S when my mom was taking these pictures for me she mentioned that there are two bicycle wheels in the background and there are two gloves so that's neat.


Well I've made some new knitted objects and I think that they deserve a post of their own so I'm making 2 posts one for my life or what's happened to me and if you'd rather just see the knitted stuff you can leave this post. Well let's see I went to the thrift store and I got a Geometry book. I noticed it because we're currently using the same brand except it's for "Basic Math and Pre-Algebra" so I figured even though I won't need it for a few years I might as well get it since it's ten dollars at the store twenty five cents at the thrift store. My grandmother also sent me a tin of old buttons like the newest ones are from the 1950s the buttons used to belong to my great-grandmother Virgina, and I need to post pictures of the buttons. Also as you can see in my lovely picture of a playground that my church has.....well had a wonderful playground. Well some evil demon faced people at my church decided that the slide is not safe and that the swings are too old and so today they tore down the slide (and they're not going to replace it) and they got rid of our lovely swings and replaced two of them with those little baby swings and fyi no babies even go to our church and the other two are plastic ones that I'll probably break when I sit on them. Anyway sorry for my little rant but I'm pretty steamed about this.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dishcloths and Sushi

I was really bored so I started to crochet dishcloths I made 3 red ones and another one that is red and brown. They're super easy to make and they give me something to do which is awesome except now I'm really tired of making them. My mom, dad, brother and I got to eat sushi last night it was really good, but my brother hates sushi a lot so he had some cooked fish. I really like the Tuna Rolls they're sooo good. There's like a bunch of restaurants around where we ate like sort of in a circle and in the middle there's this huge fountain.