Monday, June 30, 2008

Hair Dye, Mollie's Mittens, and New Bag

I dyed my hair 2 days ago so now it's really black again, YAY! I made more mittens and I gave them to my friend Mollie today. I worked on them a lot during Music Americana so I took a picture of them with a program from that show. By the way we finished Music Americana on Sunday on our last performance we had a big audience, and we gave a person who works for the newspaper a plaque since he is retiring also our director tried to pick songs for the show that this person would like as a thank you to him for writing about our shows in the paper. Also at one of the performances I believe it was the Saturday show our director fell of the stage so in the DVD they're selling they have him falling off the stage in freeze frame I can't wait to get the DVD. Now about my new bag I got it with some of my birthday money and I got some new eyeshadow too, but when I got to TROUPE that day I found out that one of my friends got a similar bag from the same store about a hour and a half after I got mine and then ate at a place called Freebirds which I ate at too, so it was very freaky/weird/cool.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Crazy for Cakes

We went to Kroger and I went crazy taking pictures of really cool looking cakes. I love the first one with the polka-dots. The animal ones look really weird/creepy especially the elephant, and the last one looks really pretty. I guess there was no point to this post other then there are some really crazy cakes at Kroger........and they're cute......sometimes.

Orphan Clothes

I picked out/found out what I'm going to wear as a orphan in Annie today. So, I took a picture of it because I might want to look at it. As orphans we are wearing ugly old looking clothes that might look like hand-me-downs. So, I got this ugly dress (from the TROUPE costume room) and just in case it might look sorta nice the person who was picking out our costumes decided to add this ugly....vest I guess to wear over the top of it.

Annie Mittens

When I was sad about not having a major part in Annie (I didn't know what orphan I was not that I'm a main part now but still) I started on these mittens for myself even though it's June I wanted them after seeing them on someone's blog. I've been working on them at TROUPE during breaks at Annie practice and when I'm offstage during Music Americana, by the way we have 2 more shows and then we're done. I'm singing God Help The Outcasts as a solo and I'm singing a little solo in Come So Far (Got So Far To Go). It's been fun so far even though I think out of the TROUPErdores shows the Christmas one is my favorite I like this one a lot too. Ooops I got sidetracked I even posted and then I realized I forgot my point, anyway I think I'm gonna need to make several more pairs after some of my friends saw them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I found out today tha
t I was cast as Pepper one of the orphans in Annie. Yesterday when we found out who got the major roles I was disappointed not to have gotten one (and by major roles not just Annie there are other peoples I consider major roles), but Pepper is my favorite orphan so now I'm happy =). Plus only like one or two of my lines were cut (we have more orphans then the original 6 so lines need to be given to them) same thing with my little 5 word singing solos. So Yay!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Texas Reds & Auditions

Today we had auditions for Annie Jr. I was so nervous but I think I did ok. I'm trying out for Miss Hannigan, Annie, some Orphans, Grace and then some other small parts. Two day ago I performed at the Texas Reds Festival (for/with TROUPE) (Texas Reds is a steak and wine festival) in the Kidz Zone. Please forgive the angry eyebrows in the picture, it was really sunny outside and I was on a stage looking down at peoples. My brother and I had cotton candy, rode a kids fake bull, petted animals, had a Blue Raspberry Snow-Cone, and turned into blue vampires.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Hats

Here is a picture of all the baby hats I made for my Aunt and Uncle's new baby Rigby. I made them all on US size 4 double pointed needles. It took me about 1 day and 2 nights to make all 4 of them. On the red one I did some stripes of ribbing and some of stockinette but you can't really tell from this picture. BTW the red one is my favorite.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Frisbee Golfing

Yesterday I went Frisbee Golfing with my dad. It was fun and the park where it was was really pretty there were some ponds with fish, duck, turtles, and some weird geese.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bambi x2

We have 2 Bambis living in our neighborhood. A couple days ago I saw a little deer and its mom crossing the road. Then yesterday I saw a mom and 2 little deer getting ready to cross the road that time I had my camera. So I have a picture of the mom and 2 little deer behind it. (the deer are pretty hard to see but if you click on the picture you can see them)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Baby!

My Aunt and Uncle had a baby on the 13th it's soo exciting! He was about 1 month premature so my mom went to visit my Aunt and Uncle and help cook and breastfeed and stuff like that. His name is Rigby, and isn't he sooooo cute?!! Oh, yeah and I knitted him that hat (doesn't he look like a elf/lawn gnome with it on) and 3 others (which luckily are smaller).


I don't think I posted about Ovations/Ovies so I will now. TROUPE has a annual awards ceremony called the Ovations, Ovies for short. Anyway the kids, their parents and members can vote on people or songs or whatever they think were the best in each category (not just any thing whatever was nominated). I won one for singing a little solo in "The Great American melting Pot" from "School House Rock Live Jr." I think there were 3 other soloists who each got an award also, and one for Rookie of the Year another girl won it too. So yay I won stuff lol.

Birthdays and Annie Jr.

Leon had his Birthday on the 14th so we went to a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse, and when it your Birthday they have you sit on a saddle bite 2 snow cone cups in your mouth and flap to-go boxes. So of course I have a picture! (please enjoy the funny-ness) I also started TROUPE's summer camp today we're doing Annie Jr. (so shorter Annie) It seems fun so far but there's not much to post about it right now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I've been so busy with day camp since Monday so I haven't really had time to blog. It was tons of fun this year some of my friends and I were A-I-Ts which stand for Aides In Training. We had to learn a lot of stuff like how to do a one match fire (I did it in practice but during the test I couldn't do it), pitching tents (especially since the camp had super old tents), first aide, traffic circle (helping kids get picked up at the end of camp), how to do a flag ceremony, knots and knifes, how to clean a latrine and how to teach songs and games. When we were tested each time we passed a certain thing we got a different color bead like red for first aide and orange for fire. Like I said it was a day camp but the A-I-Ts and the group one year younger called Camp Craft had an overnight on Thursday which was the day we were tested. On Friday we graduated we were lead around camp, blindfolded holding on to a rope so we were sort of going in a line, being lead by our big sisters (most of use got 2 aides some only got 1 that were our big sisters they gave us presents and helped us learn about what aides do) to the flag circle and then we graduated our big sisters made us name tags that we'll use when we're aides, (most of the aides have a fake name that could be something they like, like Fries or whatever they want) a mug, (we got water bottles from out big sisters but all the A-I-Ts got like the same brand of water bottle/mug with their aide name and something that was to do with their aide name or whatever on it) and a decorated graduation cap. Oh and by the way the aides like help the camp leaders with stuff like helping keep the girls under control (it was girl scout camp) or getting more water for the water jug etc. After graduation my friend's mom took a picture of me and her with our graduation caps on and stuff but cropped her out in case she didn't want to have a picture on my blog but that's why there's a shoulder that's not mine in the picture.