Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sylvia the Clown

I volunteered at the library yesterday evening and this morning. Yesterday the were having a sort of end of the summer reading program party and I did face painting (it wasn't really face paint it was regular paint =/) and when there were like almost no kids there and I was insanely bored I painted stuff all over my face/hands. I painted a pink heart, a orange sun/flower thing, and a red clown nose on my face and a pac-man rainbow on my hand. I also finished my summer reading thing today and I got a certificate and a book ("The Subtle Knife" (note the pic)) in my picture there are also the other prizes I got earlier first I got a dinosaur and then a unicorn. I had to read 45 hours to finish my thing but every two hours you volunteer you can color in a square for that instead of reading a hour. So I actually read 38 hours (I think).


I was on the local news singing "Tomorrow" from Annie. Because our church had a vigil because of the Knoxville TN church shooting. It was really sad and touching. I got to sing "Tomorrow" because when people were shot some kids were preforming Annie and the news people were there taping stuff from our vigil. It's sad I was on the news because of this really depressing and sad thing but I'm excited I was on the news.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I just finished painting part of a wall. We got paints today from "Home Depot" that match my new bedspread so we can paint my room. I got a pink paint called "Pinwheel" and a green one called "White Jade". So since even though I cleaned up my room my mom and dad didn't want to move stuff/help me paint they let me paint a little part of my wall. So...TA-DA!


I'm like almost 100% sure I didn't post this but my mom, my brother and I went out of town to visit our grandparents (well my brother and I's grandparents not my mom's grandparents my mom's parents) and my Aunt and Uncle and their new awesome, amazing, adorable (that's a lot of a's) baby Rigby! We went to Grant's Farm, we went to the park, we got to hold baby Rigby, we went swimming and all sorts of cool stuff. So here's a ton of diff pics. Make sure to notice the towel head in 1 of the pics LOL and yes I was spun around of the tire swing, the planet and star is like my fave place in that park and there's a pic of Rigby cross-eyed after a bath..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I knitted a purple hat for the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser just now! I think it's my favorite hat I've knitted so far! BTW purple is the color of the Cystic Fibrosis Ribbon.

What is Yellow and Red?

My hats of course! I made some more hats for the Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser yesterday. I knitted a yellow hat and then a red hat. So yeah more hats....yay?

The Most Pathetic Puppet Show Ever

I volunteered again at the Library today. The volunteers were supposed to help with a puppet show....and we did....sadly. There were 2 puppet shows 1 about Arthur and 1 about Clifford. I was part of the Arthur one and we had these faces on a stick and sometimes we were supposed to "stretch" so clearly it didn't work, not only that but we had 1 microphone we were supposed to use so there was a lot of passing that microphone around. I played Arthur's mom and Muffy and it was pathetic on my part as well as everyone else. Before the puppet show my friend Anne and I were supposed to stall the kids by using these super ugly puppets to tell jokes. We named them Annie (the one I took a pic of (and that was mine (we named it Annie because of the red afro))) and Jimmy anyway the jokes stunk and I think we were both embarrassed. At least I checked out some more books....and the puppet show was......interesting....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cystic Fibrosis

Someone very close to one of the cast members of Annie Jr. was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis which multiplies the amount and thickness of the mucus in your lungs making it much harder to breath so one of my friends in the play decided to organize a fundraiser. The kids in Annie Jr. and their families have donated items and we are going to sell them at intermission this week. Anyway I knitted some hats which are going to be sold there and I'm working on some more. So I wanted to post some pictures of my hats. If you want to donate you can go to and donate.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My friend Maggie came over to my house for a sleepover last night after our performance of Annie Jr. We had lots of fun, we watched Spirited Away, we made pancakes for breakfast, and then we watched part of our performance of Godspell Jr. last year.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My New Necklace

Today I bought a necklace from my friend Maggie. She's trying to rise money to go to a conference in D.C. so she's making necklaces and selling them. I love mine. Anyway tomorrow is our first performance of Annie so it will have been a year in like shows since my first show at TROUPE it's amazing how nervous I was at my first show and how I haven't really felt that nervous at my last couple of shows. I think I might be more worried about Annie since we are probably going to have a much bigger audience like we had for Godspell and School House Rock Live Jr. So I don't know how nervous I'll be (if at all) but it's just really exciting!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jelly Shoes

I got Jelly Shoes today from Target I'd seen them at Target and thought I didn't want them and then a few of the kids from TROUPE got them and they look really cool. I've loved Jelly Shoes since I was like 4. I also got a purple shirt with green, red, white, yellow and purple stripes, 3 buttons at the top and long-short sleeves like the sleeves almost come to my elbow. I got it since I'm planning on volunteering again at the Library next week and they don't want you to wear shirts with words on them and I really only have like 2 that don't have words on them so I thought I should add another shirt without words to my wardrobe (I think it's fun to use fancy words sometimes).

Volunteering at the Library

My friend Maggie and I volunteered at the library yesterday and today. Yesterday wasn't very exciting we helped set up like a million games but after that we really didn't get to do anything. Today was really fun we help a few people sign up for the Summer Reading Program, cut leaves out of colored paper for a display maybe, they had "tickets" to give to people who are going to story time to help them count the people who go, we handed out prizes and other stuff for the Summer Reading Program, and for the last story time (of 3) we were supposed to help the kids be quiet but the bad ones were sitting with they're parents so.....yeah. By the way I found this picture on the internet and it's a cake!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I went to the Library today to get some more books, sign up to volunteer at the Library this summer and so that Leon could get his first summer reading club prize. I had reserved 2 books online ("Catwings" and "Catwings Return") and when I went to the library I found out that they had them so YAY! I also got some books that are in a series sort of but there isn't a series name so I got "Once Upon a Curse" and "Salamander Spell". Like I said I went to the Library so sing up to volunteer so I picked up a application for teen volunteers and I'll turn it in tomorrow.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pool and Skate Park

I went to the pool with some friends today. It was really fun since it was hot outside, and I went with a 1 year old and his mom so that was fun. My mom, dad, brother and I went to a musical thing to "raise skate park awareness" since we might be getting a decent skate park. My brother and I got T-shirts the event was called Loud Fest so the shirts have someone on a skateboard and they say Loud Fest on them. Mine is black and my brother's is red. So today was somewhat busy and fun.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Makeup/Hair Tests, Frisbee Golf, and Summer Reading

Leon and I went to a lock-in at TROUPE last night and it was really fun. The girl who is working on makeup for the show asked the kids/girls who were going to the lock-in to let her practice doing hair and make-up on them so I volunteered. My Dad, Leon, and I went Frisbee Golfing today. We also went to the Library to sign up for the Summer Reading Program and I borrowed a book.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Annie Makeup and Props

Today one of the girls who is working on makeup for the show tested makeup on some people and I volunteered to let her test 30's makeup on me. Also today my friend Maggie and I wore matching hats that I made for us (mine is in the picture). The Orphans really didn't have much to do today since we weren't in any of the scenes they were working on today so I just watched other people work on their scenes, hang out with my friends and work on more mittens. As the shows approach we are starting to have to bring in props like in the first scene (which the orphans are in so YAY!) we wakeup so we were sleeping (duh) so we need to bring in mats/bed rolls sheets and maybe pillows I'm not sure about that so I brought in the camping roll I used when I camped out at Camp Howdy last month. Also they said to bring in clothes that might work as orphan clothes so I brought in a costume I made and used before. Also they (the director/people in charge) said we could bring old looking toys that we might have gotten when our parents were alive so my friend Maggie had 2 homemade bunnies and she let me borrow one (the yellow one). Her mom made the pink one and her mom got the yellow one at a auction in England.