Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday School Service Project #1

So for sunday school this year all the different classes are doing service projects. My class (the Middle School class) is trying to do several service projects instead of just one (I think...). So far the Elementary School class has built birdhouses, sold them at church, and donated the money to the Animal Shelter. Well my class' first project was to knit scarfs and go to the hospital and donate them to the kids who are in the hospital. (MY IDEA!!! =DD) It's really important to me because I was in the hospital and looking back at the stuff my friends gave me when I was in the hospital just makes me happy. (not happy that I was in the hospital, but happy that people are nice enough to come and visit you and give you stuff) So we also decided to have a bake sale at church tomorrow to earn money to buy stuffed animals to give along with the scarfs. So I baked some chocolate chip cookies tonight and I finished my scarf last week, but I'm posting the picture now with the picture of my cookies. (and yes as evidence by the picture with my scarf, I am a dork)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ebony Overtures the 2nd

My goodness! This is the second time I've written about "Ebony Overtures" at TROUPE. It just makes me happy that I now have to write "the 2nd" after "Ebony Overtures"! Well this year it was a lot more fancy-smancy. Instead of being a show at TROUPE it was catered and held at a BIG church. It was fun the kids in TROUPE only had 9 solos and danced to 2 other songs. Mostly there were people that are "famous" in the tiny town that I live in. I was one of the four girls that got to sing which made me feel special (in the good way not in the you're weird way). I sang "One Fine Day" by "The Chiffons" which I was one of the songs I sang in "Flashback Fever". The kids all brought in stuff that shows who they are like ribbons and junk, and most of them were centerpieces, but the really new kids just had their stuff on tables that no one ate at. I had a voice lesson before the show, but my voice teacher was running late so we only warmed-up and sang "Lost in Your Eyes" once for fun. She lent me a belt to go with the outfit I was wearing for the show. During the actual performance I had to wear a really ugly and HUGE T-shirt. Like seriously it was at least one size too big maybe two sizes too big. So rather than show a picture of my in my hideous T-shirt I felt like posting a picture of the outfit I wore after I was finished performing.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Eurydice, Hard Rock Cafe, Legally Blonde, Laura Bell Bundy

Yesterday I went with TROUPE to go see that play Eurydice and the musical Legally Blonde. It was so much fun! First we went to go see which Eurydice was really good and the inside of the theater looked really cool. Then we had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. We were there forever! 'Cause we had dinner at 4:30 and Legally Blonde didn't start until 7:00 so we were there for around 2 hours. Then we went to go see Legally Blonde and we found out that the girl who played Elle (the star of the show) in the original Broadway cast was playing her tonight. So I was really excited and some people were like bursting with happiness. The show was amazing! Afterwards we ended up waiting outside the "Stage Door" to get autographs and we all got a group picture with Laura Bell Bundy (the broadway person). It was soooooo much fun!!! =DDD

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I just curled my hair because I want to do it tomorrow, but that means I have to get up earlier so I wanted to see if I could do it tonight. And I love my curls so I felt like posting a picture of my curls from last summer and my curls from tonight. =D

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I got my tickets for Sunday today!!!!! And since I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned anything about it.....I'm going on a trip with TROUPE on Sunday to go see Eurydice and Legally Blonde the Musical. YAY! I'm extremely excited!!! Anyway the point is I got my tickets today and I'm simply bursting with joy!!! Also even though I certainly love the music from 50's/60's more I have been working on a 80's piece with my voice teacher, it's called "Lost in Your Eyes" by Debbie Gibson. I don't like a lot of music from the 80's, but this song is really sweet. (I would suggest going here if you have any interest in seeing/listening to it 'cause it's totally awesome)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Red, Red and More Red (or Happy Valentines Day)

Well it just so happens that my last three knitting projects are all red, so I think it's kinda neat to post them all on Valentines Day. I made some slippers when I was staying at my parent's friend's house, I also made a hat I finished about half of it during Comedy Tonight, and then yesterday I finished some little baby booties for some people at my church who are having a baby. (there's going to be a small baby shower tomorrow) On the subject of the baby booties yesterday I went to see a show at TROUPE called "Frankly Sinatra" so it was a collection of Frank Sinatra's songs. I wasn't in the show because the only people in the show were TROUPE's director and a friend of his. Anyway the way it related to the baby booties is that I finished the second one while I was watching the show. Then more on the baby booties today I went shopping for baby shower presents while some of the girls from my church and I picked out this adorably CUTE duck. Do you know the stuffed animals where you can learn to tie bows, button and un-button stuff, fasten belts, etc. well that was the type of toy my duck was. I just love when stuffed animals are wearing raincoats and so that's why I picked it out when I realized it was also what it is that just made it cooler. (and that duck is wearing the booties I made, cute right?)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comedy Tonight

I had my last performance of "Comedy Tonight" tonight (wow that sounds repetitive). "Comedy Tonight" was a bunch of random funny scenes, some musical parody and some improv scenes all together in one show. What was really awesome about this show was the kids got to direct, costume and handle props for all the scenes! I costumed two scenes "A Peculiar Bridge Game" (old lady costumes) and "Slightly Exaggerated" (fancy dresses). I started with two parts and then a girl named Kierstin quit and I got a part as a British lady. What was bad about this show is everyone dropped like flies. At least half the cast got the flu! So, during intermission yesterday a girl named Susie got sick and left, so I ended up going on stage for "Slightly Exaggerated" with my script in hand and in one of my other costumes. Well today Susie was still sick, luckily I had memorized all the lines for that part and when I got there I picked out a fancy dress for my costume (I was the costumer for this scene). So I ended up with four parts (more parts than anyone else =D ). So clearly this show was CRAZY!!! I did have fun though. =D Well here's some pictures of me and my friends. =)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Awesomely Cute Outfit!

I just HAD to post pictures of my cuuuuuuuuute outfit I wore today. I LOVE these new leggings/tights I got yesterday, I'm so happy my friend Anne talked me into buying them!!! =) I went to a rehearsal after church today for my upcoming TROUPE show "Comedy Tonight". I think I might have mentioned earlier that "Comedy Tonight" is a comedy variety show and that there are some people in TROUPE who do improv comedy who are also going to do that during the show. Anyway mostly I just put on jeans and a t-shirt I like, but today I actually put together an "outfit" and I LOVE it!!!!! The first picture is more of my "outfit" and the second picture is a better picture of my legging/tights.