Monday, November 19, 2007


I'm finally finished with School House Rock and I'm kinda happy kinda sad. Even though one of my few props was a major disaster between being broken and being forgot for one preformance. I'm still a little sad. I find it hard to work on something so long and then suddenly your done! But on my last preformance when my mom came to pick me up she brought flowers! <----- OMG I was sooo happy and I still am lol. Tomorrow I'm leaving to visit my grandparents for thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I feel kinda bad for not posting in FOREVER! But I guess I don't like to post without pictures but I'll get those from now on. Well last weekend we started our preformances of School House Rock Live Jr. and it seems to be going well we still have shows this next weekend. Today TROUPErdores had a engagement for a charity thing. But it was neat and everyone who came got giftbaskets. Not just the preformers but I like to think of mine as "paymet" or a thank you. I got a note pad in a heart shaped metal box, nail stuff (i.e. nail clippers, emory board), a pot holder with an angel, earrings, body wash and the basket. Well thats about all....oh yeah and I got my own TROUPE shirt.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Fun Fun Fun!

Ok so I'm kinda late but my costume for Halloween was a Rock star. (<----- there's a picture) It's been 1 year and 2 days since I found out I was diabetic. *tear* But today we got to go to the Bear Mill and make animals in honour of my "Diabetic Birthday". I made a Kitten named Butterbean and my brother made a Tiger named Noel. Noel has a skateboarding outfit and a little wooden skate board and Butterbean has a rainy out fit (a slicker and rain boots) and pink PJs.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Today I found out what parts I have in "School House Rock Live Jr." (It's a mouthful isn't it?) I got a one solo in The Great American Melting Pot and one in Interjections! I also got a main part as one of the "Personality's" aka the main speaking parts who's name is Dina. I went to TROUPErdores today and we did a review of our song/dance stuff before we start with holiday junk. That's about it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


On Tuesday I had auditions for School House Rock Live Jr. I hope I get a part! On Wednesday I had Choir Practice. And today TROUPErdores had a performance at the Hilton! It was so exciting! I had to borrow a T-shirt from someone since I don't have one yet. Since I'm kinda a fashion freak and I want to remember what I wore I wore a borrowed Maroon TROUPE T-shirt and my Black Gauchos.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Nothing too interesting happened today. I went to TROUPE for TROUPErdores =/. We have an "engagement" on Thursday. =P So we practiced "Dancing Queen" "Patriotic Medley" "God Bless America" and some other songs. I colored a with my brother. Watched TV. Read the book "If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution". I finished "Fudge-a-Mania" last night. Paul Green is evil! We watched Rock School the documentary 2 nights ago. And I HATE Paul Green. That's about it.....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hamburger Helper

I went to church this morning we had a review in RE and then we made Peace Doves. So to make Peace Doves or atleast the way we made them is we had a pattern on regular paper and then we traced them on cardstock and cut them out. They're so cool. We talked about our Halloween Mystery Party that we're having on Friday. We did it last year it was so much fun. Now to get to the title/topic of this blog post. Lately I've been making Hamburger Helper for our family's dinner. Ok actually they're rip-offs of Hamburger Helper. But they're still yummy. So yay! Later I read "From Lava to Life the universe tells our earth story" very educational and the pictures are amazing. Then I cooked Cheeseburger Macaroni for dinner and my Mom my Brother and I went to a Jim Scott concert at our church. We bought his music book and got it signed! =)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

AAAAH The Bubble Man Attacks!!

AAAAh help help!!! The Bubble Man from The White Lagoon attacks!!!! Ok maybe its my little brother with bubble bath on his head but its still scary! Who knew how a little bubble bath could go such a long way! Let it be know the child who considers himself a videogame expert is really The Bubble Man from The White Lagoon! OMG now I want Jamba Juice! Yummy smooothies, Banna Berry is the best! Yay I got my Banna Berry for lunch! Souper Salad rocks! (I had it for dinner) My cousin Joanna got Type 1 Diabetes! =( Which I have by the way. =(
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Hair Dye

Halloween stinks too much candy for me but I love candy. *sniff* But hair dye rocks especially when it's black! I love my new hair! Taking tests is sometimes fun but not always. Books are awesome!! I took a test today but I can't get my results. =( It took a loooong time. Bleh. I got my Halloween costume today so yay for that! I didn't make it but I didn't buy it in a package so I guess I put it together. I still need some accesories though. I also got a Little Miss Sunshine t-shirt when I was shopping for my Halloween costume. I love it (the t-shirt)!!