Monday, January 28, 2008

Bridal Show

Yesterday I worked at a Bridal Show handing out buttons that said "Bride" on them but instead of a dot on the i there was a heart. I also started crocheting again. We were supposed to do it in Sunday School so one of my friends brought some crocheting stuff so when I had to stay in service she let me borrow it and I tried to make a little doll scarf but I didn't have time so I'm pretending it's a little handkerchief. When I got home I crocheted some more stuff like a dishcloth, a little thing to hold my lip gloss to my key chain, and a little bag. I will probably put up some photos later.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

B-Day Party!

Today my brother Leon and I went to our friend's 9th birthday party at Gatti Town. It was so much fun! But we were up late at a lock-in at TROUPE. Ther was a person at the party who kinda led the party like she got people to play the games and made balloon animals and stuff like that. We played Limbo and I'm So Cool. In case you don't know what I'm So Cool is (which I didn't until today) well the person who is standing in the middle is like "I'm so cool 'cause I'm wearing sneakers" and so everyone who has on sneakers get out of their chairs and run around trying to sit down in a chair and if they're in the middle then they start and then it goes on and on. We had pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza and chocolate cake. Also the "party leader" person made balloon animals I got a white rabbit and my brother got a blue monkey. His kinda came untangled or whatever but luckily my mom and him fixed it! We also got 2 free rides on the bumper cars each even though we were only supposed to get 1.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I went back to TROUPE today after a loooooong break. I'm so happy to be back! We practiced our song and dance stuff today. In my last post I said I released a bookcrossing book well it got logged online by someone so I'm really happy about that. It's one of the 3 out of the 19 books I've released that got logged online. I'm also working/volunteering at a Bridal Show with TROUPE I guess they're making a little bit of money for us being there. We'll be greeting people, handing out registration information and signing people up for prize drawings. I'm taking the later shift after church. And that is why there is a picture of me in a tux shirt, vest and bow tie.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


We needed to go to OfficeMax today to buy some paper for the Burning Bowl service at church tomorrow. We ended up coming home with the paper, a notebook (for me), staples, paper clips, a math book for me, a math book for my brother, pencils, a set of different erasers and some red and shiny silver striped wrapping paper. And I was able to go to a little walking trail with some parks I saw when we got out of the car to drop off the book Madeline for bookcrossing. I have link to bookcrossing over there <----- (it's the book with legs). Take a look it might be something that you'll enjoy.

Friday, January 4, 2008


I feel chickeny today, yes chickeny is a brand new word invented by me! My brother has a gymnastics meet Sunday. But he had a practice today. Anyway on the way home we had to pick up chicken feed and at the chicken feed store we saw a chicken magazine and we bought it. It is really cool, and on the front it says "Psych 101: Think Like A Chicken" lol. We have two barred rocks (chickens) I have a picture of one of them, a picture of the chicken magazine and a picture of my cat, Patches.

Christmas Trip

We went to Alabama the day after Christmas to visit my dad's family. We gave my cousin Joanna a purse that you color for Christmas and she and I colored it it is the first picture. We gave my cousin Kayla a bank that helps you sort coins, so it's four different compartments that you can paint it's made to look like a caterpillar, so there are holes to stick pipe cleaners through for antennas and googly eyes come with it. I sadly don't have a picture of that but I have a picture of the box. We also rented a car from the Birmingham airport (guess what there's a picture!) And I have a picture of "said bears" from way back in October!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a great 2007 and is ready for a new year! I went to a lock-in on New Year's Eve with my brother. It was a lot of fun but while we were popping balloons (yes everyone was told to do that!) the people who ran the thing (sorry can't think of anything else to call them) started shooting us with Silly String! drama/ Silly String is fun but it stains!!!! It stained my new pajamas it was tragic!!! /drama But liquid dish detergent and cold water took it out. Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!!