Saturday, April 26, 2008

Far Too Much Knitting

I have been knitting insanely over the past few days. Since I made the baby bib for a baby's birthday I just felt like making more they're super quick I can make like 2 in one day. I also made a hat for myself, a banana, a eggplant, a block, and a fuzzy hat for a baby that goes to our church. Here is a link to the block pattern, a link to the eggplant pattern ( I did not use double pointed needles) and some other food patterns, the banana and 2 hats I made up the patterns for.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here are the pictures of my knitted stuff that it took my forever to get up! This is a shawl that I made and a hood/hat. Also like I posted yesterday we had auditions I'm just glad that we're done with that set it's too bad we also have more auditions next week. I don't think we really have anything to do today just TROUPE later. We're reading thru the summer's production of Annie Jr. I also knitted a baby bib for my parent's friend's kid who is turning one tomorrow that should take me less time to get the picture on the blog. But here is a link to the pattern.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Softball, Lock-In, Gymnastics, Knitting, Auditions etc.

On Friday I went to a Lock-In at TROUPE (without Leon because he had a gymnastics meet early on Saturday). We played team games with a Animated theme we did skits (my team won 2nd (out of 3 teams)), trivia (my team won 3rd), beat the clock (which is like naming certain things in a certain amount of time in this case it was naming characters in certain cartoons (once again my team won 3rd =()) and musical chairs (we didn't really have places for this but my team didn't win). So =(. The next day I went to Leon's gymnastics meet it was for state, and then later I went to a women's softball game with TROUPE. I also knitted a hat that matches my shawl (I really really need to post pics) and a hat that I made up the pattern for. Today we have auditions for "Composer's Spotlight" at TROUPE and I am soooo nervous.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crazy Child

I just had to share these pictures of my brother being himself (insane). In the 1st and 3rd pictures he is wearing a cat "pillow" that can hold a matching blanket in the middle I got it as a get well soon present when I was diagnosed with diabetes shockingly enough I didn't receive it in the hospital because I got out of there so quickly that the gift givers didn't have a chance to visit me so I got it during church. In the 2nd pic he is wearing two laundry bins on his back I think it makes him look like a turtle. My brother and I made some stuff with clay yesterday I should post pictures I made 2 bowls, a snake and a coin the day before I made a snowman and a crochet hook not for using of course. Today I made more coins that are smaller, cuter and made out of sculpy. I also finished my poncho quite a few days ago I ought to post pictures but because I messed up on my poncho it is a shawl instead of a poncho but I still love it. I think that's all........yep I think so.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


On the 6th Leon had a Gymnastics meet. I took these pictures of him on High Bar they aren't that good because I had to zoom in and I couldn't use flash on my camera and the pictures are blurry on my camera if you don't use flash. He won first on Pommel Horse and tied for first on Floor but the people did some sort of tie breaker and then he was awarded 2nd. It was cool I did all the knitting of the red purse you can see a picture of in a older post but I still had to crochet all the pieces together and sew on the buttons at TROUPE.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Done! (With Channel Surfing)

We finished "Channel Surfing" last Saturday. It was fun but I was sad it wasn't a musical. Although the kids in VIPS (private vocal lessons which I am in) got to sing 1 song each before the show. So that was fun I sang "My New Philosophy" from the musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" (in the musical Sally Brown sing "My New Philosophy"). The song is awesome! We're having a performance called "Composer's Spotlight" in May. It's not a play or a musical it's like Ebony Overtures or Manhattan Melodies there might be some speaking but only a little and it's a bunch of different songs from different movies and plays. Hopefully it'll be fun.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Knitting

I knitted 2 more purses then the ones I posted so here are some pictures of them. I also have a picture of the leg warmers I made for myself it took like one day to make both of them. I also have a picture of a poncho my mom crocheted for me a long time ago. I felt like taking the picture and posting it 'cause I'm knitting a poncho with the yarn my mom, my little brother, and I got from Hobby Lobby yesterday. It was soooo on sale it was only 63 cents for each yarnball. It's light green, light blue, and white it it has little puffs on it. I'll post a picture of the poncho when I'm done.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have been knitting a ton of purses for my friends at TROUPE since I brought my purse to TROUPE one day and one of my friends was like "Did you make this?" and I'm like "Yes" and she was like "Can you make me one?" and I'm like "Sure". Also most of us are in the intermission room most of the time and I wanted something to do. So here are some pictures of them.