Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beach Glass Necklace!

I went to go see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 at the movie theater 6 days ago. Yeah, I know I haven't posted in forever. Anyway I liked the movie. A couple hours after the movie my brother and I went to a lock-in at TROUPE which was a bucket of fun (no, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm being goofy). Yesterday I went to a thrift store I want to say local thrift store but that sounds dorky, but by that I mean it's not Goodwill or any other chain. Anyway I went there looking for buttons (for the 2nd time) there were no buttons (again) =( but I got about 2/3 a big bag of Polly-Fil for 50 cents (I was quite happy I thought it would be more) and 2 little graduating ducks (soooooo cuteee!). My friend Maggie collects rubber ducks and most of the time when I see rubber ducks I get one for her and one for myself 'cause they're sooo awesome/cute! Those were cheaper then I thought too 10 cents each (yay!). I'm planning on going next week and this time I'll bring some old clothes of mine. Now to get on to the title of this post. I made a beach glass necklace last night! I found a piece of beach glass at Galveston and I wanted to make it into a necklace, so I finally did it. I was planning on drilling a hole in it but I was afraid of breaking it so I wrapped wire around it instead (just some old wire I found on my dad's tool bench not fancy jewelry wire (which I want)) and I made a chain for it out of hemp. So ta-da it's meh new necklace!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Outlet Mall and TROUPE year #14!

On our way home we stopped at a Outlet Mall and I got some new jeans from Aeropostale! It was fun the like hallways of the mall is out side and the stores are each a little tiny building but other than that it's like a regular mall like in the middle of the outside hallways there are benches and gum ball machines, and I liked that fact that it was mostly outside. We also stopped at a little mexican restaurant for lunch and the food was really good. Anyway I liked the little gum ball machine. Actually we went to lunch first and then my mom and I went to the mall. I signed up for TROUPE a couple of days ago so YAY!!!! I'm so excited this summer we're doing the play "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" (by the way I LOVE one of the songs in it and I was hoping we'd do the show this year) and someone who was in the original cast is going to come and choreograph and direct the show! So I'm really excited!!!! I also got a 50 dollar scholarship for TROUPE's vocal training program. I had no idea about this so it was really cool to find out about it when we were signing up, anyway the scholarship isn't based on financial need or anything like that but is based on how much a part of TROUPE you are or how much of an asset you are. So I'm excited for TROUPE year #14 YAY! We also had a interview and photo shoot for a magazine that goes out to all the homes in our town so that was cool, but I had to miss part of the photo shoot because the interview took longer then it was supposed to and my mom and I had to get to choir practice.


We went to Galveston and it was so much fun! We went to the beach all the time and I found a piece of beach glass and some shells. We ate at a tiny Italian restaurant that we eat at every time we go to Galveston (where I was born). We also went to a little Greek restaurant that we also always go to and then we walked down a street called "The Strand" it has a bunch of shops and restaurants and stuff like that. We mostly window shopped, but anyway outside this chocolate store/factory they had a awesome huge stuffed animal bear and so I got a picture of Leon with it. Also there is a big chess set that some times kids play with (there's a picture of that too) and I saw some of my favorite things in the window of one of the stores....UGLYDOLLS! I have the one with 3 eyes except it's bigger. We also went to a fancy restaurant called Gaido's and while we were waiting I bought some postcards to send to my friends. At the table there was the fish container that help oil for the bread and I think it looked neat so I took a picture of it, and we had the most delicious pecan pie EVER!!! well Leon had triple chocolate cake or something like that.

Loooong time since last post

Wow it's been suck a long time since I last posted. Well we went to Galveston, but before we left we found a turtle in our yard if you look at his right side you can see a hole in his shell. I guess he got hurt the poor little guy. =( I went to the post office and got stamps out of one of those cool stamp vending-machines (the liberty bell ones), I mailed some letters and a package, we went to the pool, it was a different one then the one we normally go to this one is bigger and has several slides and more kids go there. So that's what we did before we went to Galveston.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dentist, Swimming and New Bag

I went to the Dentist yesterday and as much as I despise going at least I didn't have any cavities.They have a really pretty fish tank in the waiting room and I got a yellow tooth brush and some dental floss when I was done. We went swimming later yesterday too which was fun. Today I finished my Olympic Bag so YAY because I've been working on it for two days and I'm tired of working on it. It was supposed to be a candy corn bag but I didn't have orange so it's more like a wind-sock bag.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Cowl

A knitting/crocheting website called is having a Ravelympics 2008 where you try to get as much knitting done as you can during this years Olympics. Now I found out about it too late to join in for real but I'm going to do it with out actually joining. So today I knitted a Cowl while watching the Olympics. I mostly saw Swimming and Gymnastics either this morning or in the early afternoon I saw Cycling but other then that all I saw was Swimming and Gymnastics, which is cool with me since I swam and my brother is on a Gymnastics team. In 2004 I think I also saw mostly Swimming and Gymnastics and I loved watching those I remember seeing a little bit of Volleyball which was also cool. So yeah anyway this is my Olympic Cowl and in the picture is a new shirt I got from Target last night.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Refrigerator and a Sleepover

We got a new refrigerator yesterday! It's the silver one in the picture, but the one we're getting is going to be black. So on Tuesday we have a new refrigerator yay...I guess. I had a sleepover yesterday at my friend Maggie's house. We played a game called Diploma Dogs and it's ok but I love the plushie dogs! The book I got from the library "Stupid Sock Creatures" well Maggie got it first and then it seemed cool so I had to get it. Anyway we had a "Stupid Sock Creatures Sleepover" I made a sock creature which I shall name Piglet and she almost made one but didn't finish it while I was still there. So the picture of the cluttered table is our workshop and she decided she wanted to put a scarf on the light and there was already a mermaid hanging from the light that her mom had finished that night. So yeah we had fun and got really tired of making those stupid sock creatures. The reason there is a T-shirt picture is because she saw a shirt in the floor and was like "Is this yours?" and I was like "No..." and then she realized she got it from some people and she wanted to get rid of it and I liked it so she gave it to me and now it;s my new T-shirt YAY! That's all so you can leave now.


Two days ago my dad, my brother and I went to go see wall-e. It is the most awesome movie EVER! Well maybe not ever but it rocks! There's very little talking which I thought would bother me but I loved the movie anyway. Well there's like no talking in the beginning and then quite a bit at the end....I don't guess I should say anymore about it in case you're going to watch it, but watch the movie today or like insanely soon 'cause it rocks!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mall, Library, and Stupid Sock Creatures

I went to the mall yesterday and bought a new awesome purple shirt with hearts on it from Aeropostale. I also had a coupon for a free Big Bite Cookie from Great American Cookies that I got from one of the Liberians when I was volunteering at the library so I got my cookie and it's not a big cookie, but I guess it's big if you eat it all in one bite. I went to the library to get a book call "Stupid Sock Creatures" it's by a guy named John Murphy. It is a insanely awesome book about how to make sock monsters I got it yesterday and I've already made 4 sock monsters they're names are Orangeade, Cookie, Psycho Bunny and Zack. Orangeade and Cookie are mine and I made Psycho Bunny for my mom and I made Zack for Leon.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today I had a horse riding lesson it was sooo much fun! The horse I rode was named Caravelle. The person who owns the stable and runs the lessons asked if I would like to help out with birthday parties there sometime and I said yes. So that might be cool. Also it seemed pretty easy and I think the person was impressed with how well I rode so next time it might be harder. But even though I could do all the stuff it was still TONS of fun. This picture is one of me 3 years ago at the end of a summer camp taught by my old evil horse riding teacher. But I didn't know she was evil yet so I had fun at the day camp.