Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday School Service Project #1

So for sunday school this year all the different classes are doing service projects. My class (the Middle School class) is trying to do several service projects instead of just one (I think...). So far the Elementary School class has built birdhouses, sold them at church, and donated the money to the Animal Shelter. Well my class' first project was to knit scarfs and go to the hospital and donate them to the kids who are in the hospital. (MY IDEA!!! =DD) It's really important to me because I was in the hospital and looking back at the stuff my friends gave me when I was in the hospital just makes me happy. (not happy that I was in the hospital, but happy that people are nice enough to come and visit you and give you stuff) So we also decided to have a bake sale at church tomorrow to earn money to buy stuffed animals to give along with the scarfs. So I baked some chocolate chip cookies tonight and I finished my scarf last week, but I'm posting the picture now with the picture of my cookies. (and yes as evidence by the picture with my scarf, I am a dork)

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