Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Manhattan Melodies 2

Sunday was my last performance of "Manhattan Melodies" at TROUPE. I got to sing three solos "Somewhere That's Green", "Forget About the Boy" and "Beauty and the Beast". It was incredibly fun and I didn't feel as freaked out about having to dance as I normally do. I really wanted to get to sing "Forget About the Boy" and we didn't audition for solos in this show. So, I feel really lucky that I got to sing it. I got sick the second day of the show, but luckily I didn't sound too bad until the last show. At least I was better off than another girl who got sick. She got so sick that she couldn't even sing her songs. After the last show we recorded a song called "Thank You for the Music" for a DVD that TROUPE is going to give to potential sponsors. The reason why they made this special DVD and stuff is because this summer we're doing "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" and someone from the original Broadway cast is going to be directing us. So, they need more money than usual. I was one of the four girls who got to sing a little solo on that song (Thank You for the Music) which was cool. After all that I went to a lock-in at TROUPE which was fun. So I was really busy last weekend. The picture is from "Forget About the Boy" and yes I know I look insane.

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